Aims and Objectives


The primary aim of our project is to provide vocational training, special education and employment opportunities to the Handicapped by developing, abilities and potentialities. This will not only encourage them but also boost and shape them into productive members of the society.

  • To provide a safe, caring environment for the special children to grow.
  • To train them with the skills and attitudes necessary to lead independent lives in adulthood.
  • To provide rehabilitative and therapy services for their physiological and psychological well being.
  • To provide access to income and employment opportunities.
  • To produce and sell handicrafts to contribute towards the funding of the project and moreover, to boast their moral strength that they can do something.
  • To relieve the strain on children’s families who are suffering severe practical difficulties.


We intend to further extend this project into Tibet as well. This project will, in conformity with the objectives of the UN Development Plan, offer the Handicapped Children access to education, health and employment opportunities.


To achieve this, a hostel and 6 separate classrooms equipped with appropriate facility has been built where they will learn to cooperate as a part of Society in an atmosphere of love and Care.


Priority will be given to the preservation of Traditional Tibetan Craft and Lifestyle, while endeavoring to introduce prospective techniques to suit the needs of both the present and the future.