A History


  1. On 27th March1999, the then Chairperson of Assembly of Tibetan Parliament’s Deputies, Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche, consecrated the modest building, housing the 7 children and 5 staffs on 2 Karnals of land.
  2. We registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 as a charitable Non-profit Organization on 28-8-1999.
  3. H.H the Karmapa lay the founding stone of the permanent building on 10 –5-2002.
  4. Dr. Anne Ahonen, First secretary, Finland embassy, the honorable speaker of Tibetan parliament and the Chairmen of the cabinet, Tibetan Government in Exile inaugurated the buildings on 12-5- 2004.


Children belonging to the age group of 10-20 are being admitted. The various curriculums place emphasis on education that is oriented towards the domestic, vocational, recreational and social aspects of each child’s development. It would be required for the families to take their wards back home on periodic holidays to make future reintegration easier.


The first phase began with seven children and 4 staff in 1999. Now we have 50 children and 14 staff, consisting of a physiotherapist, nurse, wardens, teachers, accountant, office assistant, chef and night watchman etc. We are looking forward to employing or train a speech therapist and a physiotherapist.


We make paper and clothe hand painted greeting cards and traditional Thankas, Incense, small wooden penholders, key chains, pouches, purses and friendship bands etc. Students get encouraged and inspired to work even harder by selling the above mentioned items.


Keeping the campus green and clean forms a part of our curriculum to save the environment.